Employment Law

  • Have you been sexually harassed at your workplace?
  • Has your employer discriminated against you?
  • Have you been punished or fired for something that was not your fault?
  • Have you been offered a severance package that does not fairly reflect your service and value to your employer?
  • Are you negotiating an employment contract and need some expert advice?
  • Are you an executive negotiating a compensation package?

Do you feel your employer has failed to treat you fairly on the issues of: affirmative action, employee benefits, whistleblower litigation, wrongful discharge, employment contracts, the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act and other employment issues

Employment law covers a complex network of laws that controls how employers must treat employees, former employees, and applicants for employment.

We also represent clients who face civil rights violations in the workplace, including sexual harassment and discrimination based on race, nationality, religion, disability, gender, or other factors. We assist our clients in receiving compensation for their illegal mistreatment, including monetary awards and remedies such as ridding the workplace of the environment that allowed the illegal treatment to occur and restoring the client to the job position he or she earned. The Employment Law Group will be a powerful partner to protect your legal rights!

Some of the matters that the Firm handles include the following:

  • Removals
  • Suspensions
  • Performance
  • Improvement Plans
  • Security Clearance
  • Appeals
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Unfair Labor Practices
  • Fair Labor Standards Act

Some of the forums in which we practice before include the following:Merit Systems Protection Board Equal Employment Opportunity Commission National Labor Relations Board Department of Labor Mediation Federal District Court

Employment issues can be of major importance to Federal Employees, Supervisors and Unions. The Firm offers discount hourly rates to Federal employees. We look forward to meeting with you to evaluate your legal needs.

Private Company Employees

Employees of private companies and other organizations have special needs with respect to their employment and labor rights. The Firm represents these employees in regards to the following issues:Wrongful Termination Disability Retirement Benefits Representation Severance Agreements Discrimination Sexual Harassment Breach of Employment Contract Arbitration Representation Disciplinary Actions Performance Deficiency Actions

The Firm represents individuals in these matters before the State and Federal Courts and other administrative agencies. We are always willing to meet to discuss your issues and evaluate legal options.

Federal Employment Issues

We represent employees in a variety of claims against government employers, including unlawful racial, gender, age, or disability discrimination, affirmative action, sexual harassment, employee benefits, whistleblower litigation, wrongful discharge, employment contracts, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and special laws governing federal employment. Because of our broad experience interpreting and construing Federal employment statutes and case law, we are also able to provide employers with sound advice regarding compliance with applicable statutes and regulations.

Above all, be sure to visit and tell us about your case. We will answer all inquiries within 48 hours. Call us at (248) 855-6010 or CONTACT JOEL J. KIRKPATRICK, P.C. ONLINE.