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Federal Employee Representation

While federal employees face certain restrictions in the workplace, such as limits on political speech under the Hatch Act, they enjoy many of the same Constitutional and statutory protections as private sector employees. The difference is that private sector employees can freely use the civil court system to enforce their rights, but federal employees must first seek redress through the complex system of administrative hearings and appeals.

Other Expertise
Mr. Kirkpatrick is intimately familiar with Michigan and Ohio state and Federal law, practices and procedures.



Federal Agency Misconduct Investigations


I am constantly asked by my clients on how to approach the compelled interview by their agency internal affairs (IA) investigators or OPR (office of professional responsibility) investigators that investigates misconduct allegations....

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Tips For Witness Preparation For Investigative Interviews


The purpose of this memorandum is to summarize some helpful witness preparation “rules” that we will be discussing in reference to your upcoming interview. These “rules” are presented as a guideline to...

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